Behr Paint

Objective: Create a campaign that differentiates Behr from other paint brands.

The paint market has become increasingly oversaturated, with no real differentiators in the eye of the consumer beyond price and place sold. What's more, advertising has exploded in this category with brands claiming ownership over everything from color to smell to environmental impact. So how does Behr differentiate itself in a genuine way?


The Research

Color isn't king.

Neutrals consistently top the list of best selling hues across every brand because of their versatility against changing styles and trends.

The simplest paints are actually the hardest to make.

Neutrals require more colors to be mixed in order to achieve the lowest chroma possible, meaning the more neutral a color is, the more complicated it is to make. 

Walls are only part of the picture.

Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it.

The Opportunity: In a space full of color, Behr can establish itself as the expert of neutral.

The Insight: Neutrals are a safe bet for any paint buyer because they work with your other decor instead of overshadowing it. 

The Strategy: The best paint doesn't have to beg to be noticed.

The Creative Campaign

Unremarkably perfect.


For the print we wanted simple and direct copy that gets people thinking about the complexities of neutrals. This is further emphasized by the art direction, which uses different colors and textures to showcase the range of styles that neutrals can provide.



For TV, we took a similar approach to the print. The lack of color helps Behr's ad stand out from all of the other paint ads in a way that gets consumers thinking about what they actually want from their paint. 

Museum stunt

Frame the neutral walls as though they are art.

Copy reads "Unremarkably Perfect. Neutral museum wall, painted 2016. Behr Paint Neutrals."


Neutral Pallete Solution

Neutrals are complicated. Showing the latent colors within a palette will make it easier for the homeowner to match with their home while still showcasing the versatile nature of an otherwise unremarkable neutral.


Ad Neutralizer Extension

Too many things are trying to stand out on the internet. This web extension blocks ads and returns your browser to a pleasing, unassuming neutral. The only hitch is a tag after the job is done – Behr Paint Neutrals: Unremarkably perfect.


Teammates: Clay Notestine (Copywriting), Hunter Carr (Art Direction)