Ice Cream segmentation

Objective: Use primary and secondary research to conduct a segmentation study on grocery store ice cream to uncover brand implications for Breyers.

Research Methods

Industry Reports, Survey, Personal Interviews, Social Scour


Our Recommendations

Based on the segments, we came up with three recommendations which Breyers could use to reach various segments of ice cream consumers

The Breyers Subscription Service

The Breyers Subscription Service adds indulgence every month with a rotating variety of toppings, syrups and other confections to pair with your ice cream of choice.  Flavor and portion size will remain consistent over time with the option to upgrade or edit preferences.  This will appeal to Loyalists because they most often defer to the same brand, flavor and portion size, but it will give them a reward for frequent purchase and provide time saving benefits.

The Seasonal Sampler

This provides a 3-pack of half-pint sized ice cream in a variety of flavors.  This will appeal to Experimentalists because the tend to purchase new, more exciting ice cream flavors in smaller serving sizes.  Because Experimentalists also tend to be calorie conscious, this offering would provide both a traditionally indulgent as well as a low calorie option.

The Singe Serve Cups

This provides a personal sized option to sell alongside other single serve ice cream products from brands like Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry's.  While Breyers is known for its half-gallon size, this new product offering will allow the brand to compete in a segment of the ice cream market that is driven by portion control.  The Under Indulger already identify Breyers as the most recognizable name in the ice cream aisle, and so the single serve cup enables Breyers to appeal to a segment that already knows their brand well but tends to avoid purchasing larger portion sizes.

Class: Intro to Planning

Teammates: Shelby Williamson (Strategy), Eddie Bennett (Strategy), Jass Sosa (Strategy)