Objective: Create a campaign that gets people into La-Z Boy's retail stores.

La-Z Boy was once an American staple, synonymous with uber-comfy recliners and sofas. But in recent years, they've lost their brand identity by trying to do too much. Through the introduction of multiple sub-brands that sell everything from dining tables to accessories, as well as a re-branding strategy that emphasizes style first, La-Z Boy has become just another furniture store. So how do we revive the brand and get people back into La-Z Boy stores?


The Research

We do so much more on our couches than just sit - our living rooms are also a place to nap, snack, watch movies, or recoup when we're sick.

The Sofa is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home.

On average, people spend four hours a day sitting on their sofas.

Interior design tends to focus on aesthetics.

When decorating, we tend to talk first and foremost about what style we should emulate or what new design trends we want to check out.

People talk about La-Z Boys the same way they talk about mattresses.

Terms like "pillow-top" and "lumbar support" have become common in La-Z Boy shopping.

Lounging is seen as a negative, and it shouldn't be.

Taking breaks makes you happier, more focused, and more productive

The Opportunity: Expand La-Z Boy from reclining to relaxing.

The Target

People already know La-Z Boy's are comfy, which is why they're really good at reaching people who put comfort above all else. But with the opportunity to expand into relaxing comes the opportunity to expand our target.

Current Consumer: Comfort seekers

  • Older - 40+

  • Comfort comes before all else

  • Don't necessarily care how something looks as much as how it functions

  • Pride themselves on practicality

Target Consumer: Comfort cravers

  • Younger than La-Z Boy's current consumer (28-40 years old) - in the midst of their careers

  • Life revolves around work, and many of them are starting families

  • Pride themselves on productivity and efficiency

  • See the home as a place to rest and recharge

The Insight: We decorate our living rooms to entertain, but we use our living rooms to relax.

The Strategy: Make your living room into a haven of relaxation.

No one wants to sit on an uncomfortable couch, no matter how beautiful it may be. 

The Creative Campaign

Kick back.

For the creative campaign, we thought in terms of touch points in order to ensure that we were reaching our target throughout the entire consumer journey. Each tactic addresses one of 6 touch points.

  1. Before

  2. Arrival

  3. Shopping

  4. Customize & Checkout

  5. After

  6. Holiday Extension

1. Before

We created communications to catch horizontal people on horizontal screens - streaming apps, youtube, Instagram, podcasts, and Facebook - to remind them that La-Z Boy is all about kicking back and taking a break from the vertical world. 


2. Arrival

Walking into a La-Z Boy should be the sensory equivalent of a spontaneous shoulder massage - the smell of coffee, warm lighting, and an overall relaxing feel. Instead of overwhelming customers with an abundance of furniture, we created the cozy cafe, a place for customers to relax, grab a coffee, and get cozy with intentional accessories - blankets, candles and pillows. 



Customers will also be given a remote which they can use to scan and save their favorite products or call a consultant if they need help. This allows customers to shop at their own pace without feeling like they're being followed by an overeager salesperson.


3. Shopping

Clutter is subconsciously uncomfortable. It divides out attention, making it hard to focus or relax. The retail space is in desperate need of breathing room. We decreased product density on the sales floor and reorganized the flow into three clear zones. One for recliners, one for sets, and one for couches, with plenty of space for a mind to meander. 

4. Customize and checkout

The current design center is aligned to a "me-too" design aestehic, parroting competitors' Better Homes and Gardens vibe. Instead of trying to imitate, La-Z Boy can own a more unique design principle that prioritizes the simple creature comforts of Hygge by revamping the design center and renaming designers as comfort consultants, complete with a new, more casual dress code. 


5. After

The La-Z Boy experience doesn't end at the door, so we created a post-retail platform to enable prolonged engagement with our product line. When a customer returns the remote, a receipt is printed with their unique customer I.D. number, which they can enter on our site to access their personal furniure selection. 

6. Extension

Statistically speaking, Super Bowl Monday is the top non-holiday that people take off work. So we created a sales event to own this unofficial day off and make it the official day to consider kicking back on new furniture.

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Class: Brand Experiences

Teammates: Emily Hudson (Creative Brand Management), Melissa Jackson (Strategy), Will Luck (Copywriting), Lauren Wilson (Art Direction), Coryn Bejema (Experience Design)